Revolutionise your payouts

Insurers make critical payments every day, from claim settlements to contribution refunds. OptioPay improves those payments by adding value for policyholders whilst creating a revenue centre for you.

From Claim settlements to contribution refunds: There are many reasons why insurances send money to their policy holers.

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Revolutionise your payouts

Profit from your payouts

By offering higher value gift cards as a payment method we've revolutionised the way people receive money. Read on to see how this can create happier customers and additional value! 

Revolutionse how custmers receive money by offering higher-value gift cards as a payout method.
Doing so, insurance companies profit form their payouts in two unique ways. 


Delight your customers

By converting payments into gift cards, consumers can increase their spending power. For example a 100 € payment can be instantly converted to a 120 € gift card at one of over forty partnering merchants.

New Profits

Earn commission on your payments

Whenever a customer converts your payment into a gift card we share any commission earned.

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Attractive and simple 

Sleek, sophisticated and suited to your needs; OptioPay integrates easily with your payment process and corporate branding. 

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

OptioPay can be integrated directly into your system processes. The whole process is managed by our development team who will adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

White label platform

White label platform

Our system can be completely customised to reflect your corporate brand and identity. Everything from the payment platform to customer emails is completely determined by you.

Three reasons you should already be using OptioPay

We'll help your insurance business increase its revenue whilst also increasing the
happiness of your customer base.

Differentiating factor

Differentiating factor

Our business model is unique and offers your customers greater flexibility and spending power. Stand out from the crowd by offering more.

New income

New income

Commission earned through OptioPay offers new and exciting revenue streams.

Happier customers

Happier customers

OptioPay users are satisfied customers. Our system has been shown to improve customer feedback and loyalty.

All your payments, one platform

We're equipped to deal with any form of payment, and any form of customer.

Data safety

Payment security is our #1 priority

OptioPay has a state-of-the-art, fully secured IT payment system. Our transactions are operated by fintechgroupbank.

biw Bank

Data safety

Customer data is securely encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

We are on a mission to improve how people receive their money

We're on a mission to improve how people receive their money

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