Give your employees more value with flexible payments

Optiopay's platform allows your employees to boost their salary by up to 30 % with no extra cost or tax implications.

OptioPay lets your employees increase their payroll and benefits up to 30% at no additional cost for you.

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Empower your employees

OptioPay gives your employees the power to freely pick between multiple payment options including bank transfer, e-wallet or higher value gift cards.

Employees now have the ability to choose between different payment options.

More salary

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More salary: No cost

Help your employees make the most out of their payments. Converting part of their salary into higher value gift cards offers them more value.


Complete flexibility

Consumer choice is at the heart of our mission. Let your employees choose between gift cards, bank transfer and charity donations without any restrictions. Payments can be made directly into their bank account with just two clicks and will be automatically deposited if they don't log on.

What do employees think ?


What I really like about OptioPay is that I can use it only when I want to!
Last month for example, I wanted to buy clothes for my children and book a hotel for a family vacation. I converted a part of my salary into a gift card from Zalando and Amazon and sent the rest to my bank account.
It's nice to get some extra money every month, but when I prefer to receive my entire payment in cash, I get all my money sent straight to my bank account, it's fast and easy. 

Lisa, Account Manager, Leist und Söhne GmbH

Attractive and simple 

Let us manage the technical complexity and offer the best to your employees, without
requiring any additional investment from your side.

No costs

No cost

Bigger and better payments to employees won't cost you anything. All additional value is provided by our partners.

No process change

No process change

OptioPay works seamlessly with your existing payment system. We simply integrate at the end, requiring very few changes from your side.

Three reasons you should already be using OptioPay

Motivated employees are at the forefront of your company's performance. Meet their
expectations with our simple and attractive payment system.

Employee happiness

Employee happiness

Delight your employees by offering them a more personalised payment.

Employer brand

Employer brand

A unique payment system tailored to your company’s brand which offers bigger, more personalised payments. What’s not to love?



Inspire loyalty and great performance by sending bonuses through OptioPay.

All employee payments, one platform

We've developed a solution for every process, so you can manage all employee payments through one simple platform.

Data safety

Payment security is our #1 priority

Transactions are operated by fintechgroupbank through our state of the art, fully secured payment system.

biw Bank

Data safety

Customer data is securely encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

We are on a mission to improve how people receive their money

We're on a mission to improve how people receive their money

Request a demo and see how we can make the most of your payments.

If you have any questions please contact:


Michael Hundt
VP Human Resources