We change the way people receive money

Empower recipients by allowing them to convert payments into higher value gift cards with market leading merchants.


Higher-value payments

Recipients can make the most of their money by converting payments into higher value gift cards.


Payment flexibility

Recipients have the power to choose when, where and how they get their money. Between bank transfers, e-wallets and higher value gift cards OptioPay offers complete flexibility and adds value at both ends.


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Our different payment solutions

Businesses have many different payments to manage, we have designed a solution to cater for each of your needs.

Tap into the full potential of your payments

It isn't just your customers who benefit!

Happier recipients

Happier recipients

More value & less hassle; what's not to like?

Forget complexity

Forget about complexity

One payment processing system to handle all your needs.

Earn money

Start earning money

In some cases OptioPay can share commission when your recipients convert cash into cards.

Designed to be attractive & simple

Sleek, sophisticated and smoothly integrated with payment processors, OptioPay manages the technical complexity while offering more to your recipients.

Variety of offers
Huge variety of offers
Easy for recipients
Easy to use
Safe and secure
Safe & secure
Full flexibility
Full flexibility
Seamless integration
seamless integration
Data safety

Payment security is our #1 priority

Transactions are operated by fintechgroupbank through our state of the art, fully secured payment system.

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Data safety

Customer data is securely encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

We are on a mission to improve how people receive their money

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