We are OptioPay

OptioPay is a payment processor with a difference. Our mission is to integrate payments to employees or customers with effective marketing to create a completely new, performance based, advertising channel. For recipients we offer flexibility and value by offering diverse payout options. Our company, backed by international venture capitalists and banks, is based in Berlin with a talented team of 50 hailing from no less than 20 nations. All possess exceptional drive and exceptional passion to change how people receive money. To this end we have created the first payment solution software for marketing payouts and aim to become the #1 processor for companies paying individuals. How? By offering lower costs to senders, greater value & flexibility to recipients and an untapped new channel for advertisers. 

Marcus Börner


I founded reBuy.com when I was 17 years old. Rebuy became Germany’s Re-commerce leader, raised ~40M€ and now employs about 450 employees, with annual revenues of about 70M€. Besides rebuy I co-invested in about a dozen companies from many industries. Optimizing rebuy’s payouts by distributing our own gift cards was the spark for me to start OptioPay. Together with our wonderful team, I am now driven to unlock the great potential that lies within marketing liquidity. I am inspired by entrepreneurial habits and feel an urge to solve big problems through great customer-centric products and technology.

Erik Meinders


I started my career in the old economy and worked my way up to CPA and Corporate Restructuring to mid-market Finance Director. After that I held roles as a CFO in various industries moving on to Private Equity-backed large cap businesses, most recently in the #1 Insurance Software vendor globally, where I entered the Dutch operation as a CFOO and one and a half year later CEO. After having spent three and a half year in that company I decided to move on and I was focussed on moving to co-running one of Europe’s top FinTechs as a CFO. That is what brought me to Optiopay!

Oliver Oster


As an admitted lawyer to the Berlin law bar with experience in restructuring, banking and corporate law, I started OptioPay with my childhood friend Marcus in September 2014 after dropping out of the rat race of Frankfurt. Besides my law degree I founded Feedback Fabrik GmbH, an import company focused on goods from China and published several essays and a book about corporate law. Football and sports are next to working at OptioPay my biggest passions. I deeply enjoy working with our great team at OptioPay and trying to change things fundamentally. Disrupting the way people receive money, advertising liquidity and creating value for people makes me happy.

Tomás Senart


I have been fiddling with computers for longer than I can remember. Originally from Lisbon, I’ve moved to Berlin to work at SoundCloud where I saw it growing from 30 to 300 employees and 175 million listeners a month. Since then I’ve been working with other big and small companies such as Apple, Thomson Reuters and Mesosphere. As an Engineering Leader, Software Architect, Public Speaker and Mentor, I strive to constantly push the envelope and bring the best of my team out to the world with mastery, craftsmanship and user delight.

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