Run campaigns based on customers spending behavior & life events

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Run rewarded deals boosting your marketing goals

100% performance marketing, based on spending behaviour & financial data-driven audiences

Comprehensive analysis
Flexible rewards system
ECO-friendly deals
Learn more about your customers

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How you benefit

Ultra specific targeting

Ultra-specific targeting

Reach your ideal customers, based on their real spending behaviour & life events.

Plug & Play

Plug & play

We will launch your deals fast and
without any technical requirements
from your end.

Full service Plug & Play

Personalised deals

Efficiently increase loyalty and customer satisfaction with personalised deals.

Offline & Online tracking

Offline & online tracking

We track transactions online and at your point of sale.

Enhanced market research

Enhanced market research

Find out relevant facts about customers of specific interest and gain valuable insights.

Attract new customers & increase frequency with existing ones

Sustainability in action

Stop talking and start acting. Deliver meaningful sustainability rewards to customers as part of your campaigns.

Attract new customers & increase frequency with existing ones

New customers & retention

Reach your competitors' active customers or other relevant ones. Nudge them to stay engaged or prevent churn.

Pay for results only

Pay only for results

You only pay for performance. See how customers are perceiving your campaigns in real time and track the progress of your campaigns.

Cash & sustainability rewards

No one should stay unrewarded for sharing data. All our campaigns reward customers with a combination of cash, sustainable action or other meaningful benefits.

Plastic collected

   Plastic collected

Meals donated

    Meals donated

Trees planted

      Trees planted

Cashback paid

    Cashback paid

Upside on voucher

   Uplift on voucher

Discounts secured

 Discounts secured

Campaign types driving your goals

Market research

Gain answers to your questions or get information from customers shopping at your competitors.

Offline & online purchases

Track & reward customers purchasing at one of your offline or online outlets.

Content distribution

Reward customers for watching a video or any other information when introducing a new offering.


Motivate infrequent customers with rewards to increase their loyalty.

Customer retention

Reward your frequent customers with additional benefits like direct cash, cashbacks or trees.

Customers retention


Encourage customers to spend more money than their typical basket and reward them for it.