Be #1

Advertise when people receive money

We process payments and convert them into your gift cards. This brand new marketing channel places you first in line.

Your gift card – Your sales boost

By establishing gift cards as a payment method we’ve revolutionized the way people receive money.
Launch a gift card campaign through OptioPay to boost sales and meet new customers.

Large payouts means large liquidity

OptioPay is partnered with international banks, insurances and e-commerces and processes large B2C payments on a daily basis; from insurance settlements to paycheques. By reaching consumers and offering higher value gift cards as these payments arrive, advertising partners will have ample opportunity to convert.

A new genre of performance marketing

Our partners have complete flexibility to choose the denomination and uplift of their gift cards. By offering added value to payment recipients you’ll make yourself attractive at just the right moment.

Only pay for results

OptioPay is an 100% performance based marketing channel. You will never be charged unless consumers choose your gift card. No sale = no cost.

Join these companies in advertising with OptioPay!


Sleek, sophisticated and suited to your needs; OptioPay integrates easily with your payment process and corporate branding.

Fast integration

We can integrate your gift cards into the OptioPay system within minutes. Using our API or yours you’ll be advertising to consumers quickly, effectively and, best of all, entirely on your terms.

Flexible optimization

You can modify the parameters of your campaign whenever you want. See what performs best and tweak your ads to optimise your marketing budget.

Three reasons why you should already be using OptioPay

For advertisers, we combine the advantages of traditional gift card campaigns with online
marketing flexibility, for results that far exceed traditional Cost Per Acquisition campaigns.

Best moment to advertize

Those who receive money, spend money. Advertise through OptioPay to reach a receptive audience.

Gift card advantages

Consumers spend, on average, 60% more than the value of their gift cards while at the same time 10% of cards go unredeemed. Whichever way you look at it advertising through OptioPay is win-win.

Customer acquisition

Add OptioPay to your marketing mix and attract new customers while increasing your customer retention.

Let’s get started

The OptioPay team is there to help you launch and optimize campaigns.

We’ll walk the extra mile to ensure you reach the right people at the right time!

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