More value for your banking customer

By allowing your customers to convert their bank balance and incoming payments into higher value gift cards, you help increase their spending power and satisfaction while also earning a commission.

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Unlock your payout’s potential

We market liquidity and allow your customers to get more from their money, our top priority and yours.

Make new revenues

Whenever a customer converts part of their payment or bank balance into a merchant’s gift card, OptioPay receives a commission from that merchant. We share that commission with you, which typically far exceeds traditional transaction fees.

Let customers benefit

From bank balances to dividends and interest; customers can increase their spending power by converting them to higher value gift cards.

Increase bank balances

By choosing gift cards customers typically boost their spending power by 20% or more. For example, €100 in liquidity from a payment or existing bank balance can be instantly converted to a €120 gift card with one of our +60 partner merchants.

Opportunities for all

By marketing OptioPay on a B2B basis and offering our payment solution to your business customers, you can benefit from an indefinite revenue source. For every payment made to employees and customers, your commission exceeds traditional transaction fees.

OptioPay is already making waves in the financial world. In 2015 we won the INNOVATIONSforBANKS competition in Cologne, winning over a jury of Finance and IT experts.

Attractive & Simple

Sleek, sophisticated and suited to your needs; OptioPay integrates easily with your payment process and corporate branding.

Seamless integration

OptioPay can be integrated directly into your system processes. The whole process is managed by our development team who will adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

White label platform

Our system can be completely customised to reflect your corporate brand and identity. Everything from the payment platform to customer emails is completely determined by you.

Three reasons you should already be using OptioPay

We’ll help your insurance business increase its revenue whilst also increasing the
happiness of your customer base.

Differentiating factor

Our business model is unique and offers your customers greater flexibility and spending power. Stand out from the crowd by offering more.

New income

Commission earned through OptioPay offers new and exciting revenue streams.

Happier customers

OptioPay users are satisfied customers. Our system has been shown to improve customer feedback and loyalty.

All your payments, one platform

OptioPay can handle a variety of payment cases for which banks would need to send money to their customers.

Bank Balance
And many

Payment security is our #1 priority

Transactions are operated by fintechgroupbank through our state of the art, fully secured payment system.

Data safety

Customer data is securely encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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